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Who We Are

Demographica is the most awarded full-service business-to-business (B2B) marketing
agency on the African continent, servicing enterprise level B2B companies.

What We Do

We use our proprietary approach to grow revenue for our clients by helping them get new
customers and by helping them grow their existing customers. Our single aim is to grow our
client’s businesses. Their growth is our growth.

As B2B marketing specialists, our primary focus is to build our client’s brands and deliver creative solutions to
complex communication challenges.

How We Do It

Our approach is to put anthropology at the centre of everything we do. A deep understanding
of human behaviour enables us to create B2B marketing communications that combine human insights and creativity with modern technology. Our anthropological approach is driven by human insight and behaviour and delivers B2B marketing communication that is human-first, carries resonance, and ignites chemistry.

We operate according to a much publicised framework known as The Demographica Way that
forms the basis for the structure, DNA, and values of the agency.
Our B2B capabilities are a unique hybrid of management consultancy and creative agency, each of which are dedicated to building on the power of integrated, customer-centric B2B communications to drive our client’s businesses forward.

Our model is flexible. We can serve as your entire B2B marketing team or complement your existing teams with our deep B2B expertise, supplementing where you’re at in your B2B marketing journey. In either case, we are completely transparent and fully accountable for growing our client’s revenue.
Our consulting services tackle a wide range of
B2B marketing and sales requirements and are typically project based.

Our highly experienced, diverse and multifaceted team will work with you in an agile, collaborative way, enabling you to fully understand your customers, their needs, and how to achieve your business objectives.
Our agency service offers end-to-end marketing support for B2B enterprise brands.

Our skilled and passionate team will integrate with your sales and marketing departments to help you acquire, engage, and retain valuable customers by creating sustained brand awareness around your business.