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The value of taking your staff out of the office and into unique environments

The traditional model of brainstorming and networking within the confines of a room, and sparking creativity and enthusiasm among employees, is rapidly evolving. There is a growing trend where CEO’s and business owners are trading […]

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The Elusive ‘Insight’ and the Global Appetite for Meaningful Knowledge

In marketing, good insights are like Fabergé eggs – rare, fascinating and in many ways, mythical. Most strong strategy does not evolve without a powerful insight to lead it, and robust research backing it up. […]

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Anthropology – businesses’ secret weapon?

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average business spends three times more on their sales training and sales enablement than they do on their media spend or marketing efforts. This shows that companies are […]

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Human insights the greatest driver of brand engagement

Anthropology has become a way marketers can add another layer to big data in their understanding of consumers, a means to seek out the narrative behind their behaviour – the “thick” data, as opposed to […]

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The Crossover between human sciences and marketing

Historically, academia and marketing have remained distinctly separate domains. But over time, marketing as a commercial discipline has increasingly made use of human sciences such as psychology, sociology and anthropology to inform market research and […]

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The Art of Anthropology and B2B Communication

Well, no, that’s a palaeontologist. Anthropology is actually the study of culture and people, and observing how they behave in their daily lives including the challenges they face. It’s a discipline that’s often misunderstood, and […]

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The importance of diversity in marketing strategy

A simple example would be the recent brand fail by Doritos with their “ladies chip”, or H&M with their “jungle” kids’ t-shirts. If there had been more diversity among their marketing strategists, perhaps there would […]

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Internal company change affects your customers too

If your company is experiencing a period of change or going through a difficult time, you may think this is purely an internal event that is completely contained within your organisation. But as a business […]

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Applying espoused & enacted theory to B2B marketing

In the context of an organisation, the espoused part of the theory refers to how an organisation says that it behaves — the promise it makes to the outside world. The enacted part is how […]

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Marketing myopia in B2B

Cardinal sin Ask the majority of companies what business they’re in and they’ll tell you what product they sell or what service they provide, rather than focusing on the solutions that those wares offer their […]

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