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The Story of Demographica

Our journey began in 2006 under the name: “Global Acquisition”–a dynamic, anti-establishment startup focused on smart, targeted communication. The company evolved and was restructured in 2010 to form Demographica.

Then, four years later, Harvard Business Review published an article that changed the course of Demographica’s history. Titled: “An Anthropologist Walks into a Bar”, the study described a number of companies who had accomplished marketing breakthroughs by employing anthropologists.
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A new vision for Demographica was born, inspired by this article and based on the concept of applying social science to business challenges, particularly those in the B2B space.
From these disruptive beginnings, our business has grown into a leading and multi-award-winning enterprise. Today Demographica is the largest employer of anthropologists outside of academia in South Africa. Our innovative approach has attracted top business minds from around the globe, allowing us to assemble a client portfolio that we are truly proud of.

We are building the most valued and trusted B2B marketing agency, out of South Africa. We do our best work when we have a trusted partnership with our clients and constantly strive to deliver real value. For us, value is far more significant than price. This purpose motivates us to push boundaries and is what drives us forward every day.

We aim to be a progressive force in the marketing industry; challenging convention and championing a fresh way of thinking. We look forward to what tomorrow holds and hope you will grow with us as we enter an exciting new era of B2B communication.