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We believe that business-to-business (B2B) marketing is commercially indispensable to business and, as B2B marketing specialists, our singular focus is on growing our clients businesses by unlocking the value in their customers and prospects. We do this for enterprise organisations with multiple complex offerings and have, for over twelve years, worked to uncover meaningful truths in order to deliver single minded strategies that drive our client's businesses forward.

In a post-modern marketing world, we believe that combining human insights with creativity will turn the heads that count in B2B and, by using data and technology, can convert a new breed of business buyer.

The B2B Buying Journey

The nature of B2B buying is complicated and purchase journeys can be long, which makes the pressure on decision-makers increasingly immense. Within this very complicated landscape, what compels a potential client to choose your business over your competitors? We believe the answer is simple: human connections.
As human beings, our decisions are driven by culture and context. That’s why, at Demographica, our goal is to discover what those motives are. We don’t just ask ourselves what someone is doing, but why.

To achieve this, we employ a radical approach that focuses on anthropology–namely the study of people, societies, cultures and their development. Using social science as a fundamental part of our process means we can really get inside the minds of consumers, uncover deeper insights and make valuable, sometimes revolutionary observations that more traditional marketing research tools overlook.

In our experience, building off an anthropologically-focused strategy leads to much more interesting and effective solutions. We are proud to be at the forefront of human-centric marketing in Africa and, through our innovative approach, continue to help our clients achieve the extraordinary.

About Anthropology

What it is
Anthropology is the study of the human race, its culture, and society. It is the study of human behaviour in a natural context. Anthropologists are insight gatherers who deeply immerse themselves in understanding the context of people and what resonates with them. They gather insight from culture, social dynamics, and the external environment to understand what makes us human.
How it works
Anthropological research uses immersion to solve problems in culture and context in order to connect with and understand people on a deeper level. Anthropology uses an immersive research approach that helps marketers understand the context of their product by engaging with consumers in their ‘natural habitat’ to deliver insights fueled and driven by humans. Anthropology explores the feedback loop between behaviour and the environment, seeking to describe and identify the nuances in between.
Why we use it
In B2B marketing, anthropology illuminates the genuine needs of a consumer in the real world by looking deeply at the context and culture of the consumer instead of manipulating the consumer into the context of a product or service. It delivers a more human approach to marketing and is the perfect tool to understand what goes on within the culture of businesses. Anthropology enables B2B businesses to better communicate with other businesses.
How we use it
Anthropological research is used to discover the complex decision-making journey that businesses go through in order to make a B2B purchase. In a post-modern marketing world with human behaviour at the heart of it, we combine deep creativity with modern technology to interpret the bigger story around why a consumer says ‘yes’, understanding that every business buyer has their own personal and business motivations and triggers that influence them.