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Account Manager

Main purpose of role 

You will be responsible for managing and growing existing client relationships by fostering solid, long-term partnerships based on building trust through Demographica providing valuable solutions. 

Responsible for the day-to-day management of internal & external relationships to enable successful management of the client portfolio. 

 Key responsibilities  

  • Operate in an effective support function executing and managing account (client business) administration, briefs and contact reports. 
  • Develop effective working relationships with client contacts and assist with all the key functions that go into creating the agency's advertising output.
  • Working with AD and internal Centres of Excellence to deliver from strategy and concept, through to execution, whilst ensuring on-brief and on-budget. 
  • Provide input on new processes and workflows as needed 
  • Drive client retention, renewals, up sells and client satisfaction 
  • Work closely with Finance & Ops on billing set up and invoicing 
  • Work closely with your AD and team in order to provide support to the GAD/BUD/HOD (and the business) 
  • You are required to have a thorough understanding of the full range of services Demographica offers and be able to work with Centre of Excellence to strategically and eloquently solve the client’s business problems. 

 Additional area of focus 

  • Get involved with solving problems, drafting internal and external communications, and documenting progress. 
  • Helping to identify and cultivate new opportunities from current clients, contributing to new business initiatives 
  • Prepare campaign insights reporting, including analysis and research 
  • Working in close collaboration with Demographica’s suppliers/partners. 
  • To assist in promoting Demographica’s full offering to clients and to identify ways of driving more revenue o Organising and participating in briefing and brainstorming sessions 
  • Understanding & management of client budgets, including profitability, knowledge of targets as well as internal team financial accountability.

 Expected at this level

  • Ensuring work is produced on time, to brief and on budget. 
  • Accountability, management and development of all client relationships whilst building internal relationships as a support to the AD. 
  • Implement direction set by HOD/GAD or BUD 
  • Write exceptional project and design briefs 
  • Integration between various agencies working on the client's account 

Specific to Demographica 

  • Workbook tasks 
  • Ensure a thorough understanding of the production process (timing and execution) and costs in order to maximise agency profitability and client budgets, and ensure timeous delivery of projects 
  • Involvement in “pitches” alongside other agency staff in order to win new business for the agency 
  • Ensure price quotes, invoicing and financial administration is of the highest standards to guarantee timeous collection of income for the agency 
  • Work in partnership with the creative and Strat teams to provide excellent creative & Strat-led solutions for your client's needs always 

Day-to-Day expectation 

  • Execute necessary deliverables to manage day-to-day activities relating to the client account 
  • Manage delivery of client briefs through active management of the process, ensuring all is on track 
  • Ensure regular communication and manage agency liaison with clients (keeping record of all communication) and recording discussions/requests etc in writing always. 
  • Manage completion of projects at an exceptional standard, to a specific schedule and within an agreed budget 
  • Work closely with Finance & Ops on billing set up and invoicing 
  • Generate and maintain up-to-date and accurate reports (ensuring all supporting communication is aligned: contact and status reports) and ensure distribution of reports timeously to client and AD/GAD/BUD/HOD 
  • Communicate expectation & confirm feasibility and timing. Manage delivery -managing this with internal team continuously 
  • Ensure clear understanding of the client's business requirements and translate this into clear deliverables in order to brief effectively from the outset 
  • Drive the adherence to strategy across agency and client 

Ownership of role/Going beyond 

  • To constantly drive towards growing the current client portfolio and identify new business opportunities. 
  • Ensure thorough knowledge of Demographica business. 
  • Ensure understanding of the relevant client contract and relevant legal/regulatory guidelines 
  • Work with respect for your leaders and direct reports, building positivity and loyal commitment in your team 
  • Support your colleagues within the agency 
  • Work with all departments to provide feedback to support and improve agency operations and delivery on all accounts 
  • Adhere to and ensure adherence to company performance and behaviour expectations e.g. timekeeping, timeous completion of timesheets, Company Policies and Procedures etc. 

Minimum Requirements 

  • An industry relevant qualification in Marketing, Communications or Advertising 
  • Alternatively, you have a business Degree or Tertiary Diploma 
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience working as an AM or at an integral level in agency 


  • Experience managing an intern/junior individual and being accountable (as main point of contact) for at least one account (with senior support) and/or engaging with suppliers 
  • At least 3 years’ having been directly accountable to work with client, liaise and engage on (demonstrating robust understanding a good knowledge) budgets, price quotes/CEs, POs and invoices 
  • Understanding of the relevant structures and processes in the agency 


  • The ability to write comprehensive and insightful briefs 
  • Experience in creating Status and activity reports ensuring up-to-date documents are maintained and distributed to relevant stakeholders 
  • Understands value of ‘paper trail’ 
  • Build presentations 
  • Keen to improve presentation skills 
  • Excellent computer skills 
  • Confident communication skills – always ensuring timeous response to written communication for internal and external stakeholders (including emails, meeting requests/calendar invites, text or WhatsApp messages, phone calls & voicemail)
    • Promptly raising any concern around communication excessively outside of acceptable hours of communication or unreasonably cutting into personal/family time so that this can be addressed, and reasonable measures agreed upon 
  • Computer literate and proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, (ideally proficient on both Apple and PC, but certainly one) 


  • Confident 
  • Polite and friendly 
  • Welcoming and with a smile/willingness 
  • Articulate 
  • Well presented – groomed, put together o Fresh always in appearance and odour including breath and overall 
    • Fresh always in appearance and odour including breath and overall


  • Professional and Respectful 
  • Excellent attention to detail 
  • Deadline Driven and operates well under pressure 
  • Superb Communication skills 
  • Proactive 
  • Client centric (in delivery) and Insight centric (in delivering solution) 
  • Driven, focused and Self-motivated 
  • Strategic 

Softer nice to haves

  • Ability to laugh and engage in conversation easily 
  • Curious/interested and approachable 
  • Mature 
  • Caring and empathetic 

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