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Demographica is a marketing agency that helps large B2B companies grow their revenue in Africa by transforming how they engage buyers, grow customers, and enable their marketing and sales teams. We are a mid-sized and we work across a variety of touchpoints in the B2B marketing and purchase journey – from brand positioning to engagement programmes and stakeholder experience projects.

Our ambition is to develop signature work for our clients where the standard of the strategic and creative output is high and the impact immense. You will be inspired to uphold this intention and develop excellence.

You can persuade and inspire confidence and enthusiasm within the agency, as well as the broader businesses you work with. You will see an interesting mix of creativity, business logic and astute commerciality.


Main purpose of role:

  • Responsible to positively contribute to the day-to-day running and management of all Project Management tasks.
  • To deliver against project timelines efficiently achieving the agreed objectives within budget and exceeding expectation in terms of quality outputs.


Key responsibilities:

  • Accountable for the management and communication of all project deliverables at any given time on allocated project work.
  • Work in tandem with the Project Director at all times.
  • Responsible for working with the Client Success team to manage the overall ‘health’ and profitability of the agreed portfolio of clients and each project.
  • Responsible to contribute to the successful completion and delivery of all assigned projects/tasks working alongside the Project Director to manage the portfolio of clients strategically
  • Working closely with internal teams, to monitor delivery and do what is required to schedule, manage and coordinate tasks through to successful delivery
  • Ensure adequate support & enable planning with Project Director to meet any changes in client request working with Operations to support a manageable workload
  • Always working to ensure timeous delivery to client whilst effectively reporting on timelines and budgets to manage expectation and spend


Expected at this level:

  • Respond to all assigned tasks promptly and with meaningful assessment
  • Integration between internal teams (and external partners) working on the client’s account/project
  • Have an understanding of expectation & support the delivery, budgets and reports.
  • Support Project director to have a clear agenda (through relevant & up to date information) for all meetings to ensure all involved are clear on outputs and related timing
  • Work with Project Director to monitor Project scope and progress
  • Responsible for all project related admin (e.g., project plans/schedules, task allocation, finance, scope changes)
  • Support of internal team: Involved & Supportive
  • Encourage your Project Director and Client Partners to have proactive discussions with client so that clients reach out to Demographica for guidance and input to solve for business challenges
  • Create strong, professional relationships with clients, at all levels.
  • Behave and deliver in such a way that client makes the transition from ‘advertising agency’ (supplier) to strategic marketing & Brand partner (valued provider)
  • Ensure understanding of the relevant client contract and relevant legal/regulatory guidelines


Additional area of focus:

  • Be mindful of cost-effective or innovative ways of maximising spend against ROI
  • Foster a culture in the Client Success team that inspires operational excellence
  • Be involved and supportive in other business activities (initiatives, new business pitches etc)
  • Maximise spend against ROI
  • Ability to identify opportunities to expand current portfolio and diversify through recognising opportunity to cross-sell or upsell


Specific to Demographica

  • Workbook tasks
  • Development/Involvement on creation of Timing plans
  • Ensure schedule are approved and shared across the team relevant to the entire Client Portfolio
  • Work with Client Partner, Finance and Operations to provide information for price quotes where required and maintain financial administration is of the highest standards to guarantee timeous collection of income for the agency
  • Ensure a thorough understanding of the production process (timing and execution) and costs to maximise agency profitability and client budgets, and ensure timeous delivery of projects


Day-to-Day expectation:

  • Responsible to support Project Director to identify, define and manage project scope (capable to drive this function in the Project Director’s absence).
  • Be able to manage own project, and identify, define and manage project scope.
  • Ensure all projects within the Client Portfolio for which you are responsible are set up
  • Assist in measuring project performance against defined scope, budget and time.
  • Report on project progress to Project Director and Client Partner as well as approved progress reports/updates to client.
  • Work closely with Client Success team to manage client expectations in terms of deliverables, timescales, deadlines and costs (even within constraints of limited resources and uncertainty)
  • Plan and manage new requirements for projects as well as planning for changes (proactively engaging with Client Partner and client to enable foresight where possible)
  • Assess and respond to ongoing support requirements.
  • Coordinate and deliver project related administration (working with PMs and Ops)
  • Drive the adherence to strategy across agency and client


Minimum Requirements:

  • You have completed an industry relevant qualification in Marketing, Communications or Advertising
  • Alternatively, you have a business Degree or Tertiary Diploma
  • Minimum 3 years in a Project Management role working on Marketing; Technical or Creative projects
  • An additional 5 years’ experience working in a Consulting or PM environment
  • Experience working in a Traffic/Ops role (working to support client delivery or internal Marketing Managers and/or Procurement/ Production/Finance)



  • Experience working to support, coordinate and manage large projects
  • At least 5 years’ having been directly accountable to work with client, liaise and engage on (illustrating sound understanding) budgets, price quotes/CEs and invoices
  • A sound knowledge of the relevant structures and processes in the Marketing team within brand and/or agency



  • Professional and Respectful
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Deadline Driven
  • Good Communication skills
  • Proactive
  • Client centric (in delivery) and Insight centric (in delivering solution)
  • Self-motivated
  • Strategic thinker


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