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Transport, Logistics & Travel

To the transport, travel and logistics industries the world is a series of intricate connections and a single second can make the difference between a profit or loss.

In sectors where precision is key, fluctuating fuel prices, labour issues and even volatile climates can wreak havoc on operations. Other challenges include skilled truck driver shortages, safety and environmental regulations, a dependence on infrastructure and of course, the exponential growth of digitization.

While it is shaking up sectors dramatically however, digitization offers companies unprecedented opportunities and the chance to see into the future, with profitable results.

Advances in data sensors, analytics and IoT have given rise to the predictive maintenance phenomenon; allowing enterprises to identify risks and spare parts needs in advance and in doing so reduce costs and downtime. Anticipatory technology is also improving efficiency and delivery times by predicting what customers want, how much and when.

Real-time monitoring and digital mapping of assets enhance visibility and client transparency, while the era of hyperconnectivity creates intelligent networks and provides on-demand information.

The world’s view of mobility is evolving, and the rise of the sharing economy is shifting the transportation and travel landscape. Leveraging this trend can lead to beneficial forms of industry collaboration such as warehouse or cargo sharing. Another disruptive force comes in the form of advances in autonomous driving which is set to have a profound impact on transportation.

Globally we are seeing an increase in client online searches–the majority of which are conducted using mobile devices–and the transport, travel and logistics industries (particularly B2B) are no different.

Demographica’s deep industry insights and experience can help guide you along the complex road ahead. Through strategic B2B thinking and sales and marketing tools, we can help you capitalise on emerging trends, improve your online presence and create better customer experiences that grow your business.