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Telecommunications is a thriving industry in Africa that is on the verge of a fascinating evolution. With a growing middle class and improving infrastructure, Africa is attracting local and international investment interest, and mergers and acquisitions are on the rise. This makes the continent a vibrant ground for growth and innovation.

With voice becoming increasingly commoditised, telecoms companies are beginning to dabble in adjacent sectors to expand their offerings and stay competitive. Today’s consumer uses their mobile phone for far more than making calls. It is their lifeline–the way they conduct business, research, create, bank, socialise and access entertainment.

Mobile payments mean telecoms are looking to offer banking services while partnering with content providers to offer and even create digital entertainment. One major area where we are seeing convergence is telecoms and ICT, with companies offering clients digital, integrated solutions that include data and cloud services.

With urban markets reaching subscriber saturation, providers are turning to rural areas but power supply, costs and coverage remain barriers.

One particular segment offering exciting potential is B2B, with telecoms seeing an increasing demand from business. This trend is causing telecoms companies to rethink organisational and sales models, providing more integrated and customised packages with a focus on security and support.

As B2B sales and marketing specialists, Demographica can help you tap into this lucrative segment. Through intensive consumer research and experience, we can help you navigate the complex B2B landscape, build relationships and add real value to your clients. It is also only right that a telecoms brand should be an expert communicator. At Demographica our sharp strategic and talented creative teams will ensure your communication is distinctive, effective and creates a meaningful connection with your audience.

Our Experience

An ICT service provider has a strategic directive to evolve into a post-modern marketing organisation. This evolution is both in structure, operations, and in contributing internal organisational value with the goal of providing an attractive return on marketing investment (ROMI). Demographica was mandated to craft and deliver a business-led integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy. As lead agency, Demographica will implement and measure the IMC strategy.

Demographica tasked by a global software development company and ERP provider to craft and execute an acquisition strategy with a vertical focus. The strategy would ultimately lead to new business development in the specified verticals of manufacturers and distributors within the food and beverage vertical. A 50% conversion rate of new business was achieved.

Demographica is the agency of record for Africa's premium telecommunications network provider. We have been tasked with writing their 5 year business led integrated marketing and communications strategy.

A multi billion Rand ICT company in South Africa partnered with Demographica to create a lead nurturing, lead profiling and lead scoring engine to increase the value of the leads within the organisation.

One of Africa's top ICT companies used Demographica to launch and execute on a major conference with international speakers which attracted over 10 000 people.