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Client Case Studies

- For a client in the telecommunications industry, Demographica was charged with identifying key decision makers. We created a bespoke customer acquisition strategy that delivered large volumes of high quality leads and saw conversions increase by 127%.

- A client in the telecommunications industry wanted to create an event that would excite the C-Suite to attend.
By building a line-up of the industry’s leading technology influencers, Demographica created a highly sought after event where one in every seven attendees became a qualified lead. The event is currently in its third year.

- We engaged a client experience mapping solution for a client in the telecommunications industry to help them understand the various types of client interactions throughout the consideration to purchase phases and helped them align their strategy to ensure a consistent experience throughout.

- We were tasked by a global software development company and ERP provider to craft and execute an acquisition strategy with a vertical focus. The strategy would ultimately lead to new business development in the specified verticals. A 50% conversion rate of new business was achieved.

- We are the agency of record for Africa’s premium telecommunications network provider and have been tasked with writing their five-year business-led integrated marketing and communications strategy.
The B2B telecommunications landscape is complex and it goes without saying that a telecommunications business is expected to be a good communicator. Our sharp, strategic, and talented creative teams will ensure your communication is distinctive, effective, and creates a meaningful connection with your audience, with the ultimate goal of driving revenue growth.
The African telecommunications industry is thriving and on the verge of a fascinating evolution. With a growing middle class and improvements in infrastructure, Africa is attracting local and international investment interest, making it a continent fit for growth and innovation.

A major area where we’re seeing convergence and innovation is between telecoms and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), with businesses offering customers digital, integrated solutions that include data and cloud services. As voice and mobile become commoditised, telecoms companies are beginning to dabble in adjacent sectors to expand their offerings in order to stay competitive. A particular segment in the telecoms space that is seeing the exciting potential is B2B, with telecoms businesses experiencing a rise in the demand from business, forcing them to rethink their organisational and sales models to provide customised packages to B2B buyers with a focus on security and support.