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Professional & Business Services

Professional and business services are unique in that their product is their intellectual property. Skilled people are a company’s greatest asset which means that firms are constantly having to evolve as employee preferences and values change.

This is particularly prevalent today as Millennials and their little siblings, GenZ, infiltrate the workplace. These vocal, young professionals expect constant learning and development, flexibility and deeper engagement. They are socially-conscious, digital natives who increasingly use mobile devices in the office, and place purpose ahead of profit. Millennials and GenZ also have a shorter and varied career lifecycle which impacts turnover rates, pension funds and benefit schemes.

Apart from managing a more demanding workforce, advances in technology are having a big impact on business operations. Digitisation allows for scaling without increased staff numbers. AI and automation are handling an increasing number of tasks, freeing up resources and improving performance. Supported by cloud computing and communication technology, we are also seeing workplace decentralisation and the rise of virtual offices.

On the financial side, a growing trend is the replacement of bill-by-the-hour systems with value-based pricing to satisfy the client’s price sensitivities.

In order to retain and attract top talent as well as top clients, professional and business services need to improve their overall brand awareness and presence on digital platforms, particularly social media. Demographica has years of experience in brand building and can help you define a powerful purpose and distinctive story. Through considered content and specialised inbound marketing strategies, we can establish you as a valued industry leader–strengthening your status and credibility.

Our Experience

Demographica tasked with crafting a thought-leadership positioning strategy for an international law firm that would ultimately position the firm as a leader in both the category and African market.

Leading consultancy needed to communicate to the market that they were more than an audit firm in a time when the industry was in a volatile place and came to Demographica to write a comprehensive strategy and bring that strategy to life creatively.