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Client Case Studies

- Our client in the business services industry needed to rethink how they targeted high-value leads. Demographica’s response was a precision-targeted Account Based Marketing solution which gave our client one-on-one interactions with the ideal target audience.

- To boost the brand awareness of our client in the business services industry, Demographica developed a content marketing strategy that, paired with our public relations solution, established our client as a thought leader and trusted partner in their market. They are currently the market leader.

- An international law firm tasked us with crafting a thought-leadership positioning strategy that would ultimately position the firm as a leader in both its category and the greater African market.
The human element in the professional and business services industry is an important factor to consider. Our deep understanding of what makes humans behave the way they do will help you define a powerful brand purpose and story, establishing you as a valued and trusted industry leader in your field.
Apart from managing a more demanding workforce, advances in technology are having a big impact on business operations. Digitisation allows for scaling without increased staff numbers. AI and automation are handling an increasing number of tasks, freeing up resources and improving performance and with cloud computing becoming more popular, we are seeing workplace decentralisation and the rise of virtual offices.

A skilled, and happy workforce is a company’s greatest asset. This means that firms are constantly having to evolve as employee preferences change. This is particularly prevalent today as socially conscious, digital-natives are making their way into the workplace and are demanding education, flexibility, and deeper engagement from their employees. Understanding their shorter, more agile career paths and how it affects their future financial planning is crucial for any firm in the professional and business services industry.