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Metals & Mining

Tomorrow’s mine will be digitally-driven, responsive, lean and safe with low environmental impact. How does the complex metal and mining industry ensure they achieve this future vision?

Mining is intricately linked to Africa’s economic growth but is also vulnerable to the continent’s political shifts, currency volatility, labour issues, and policy and regulatory changes. The growing popularity of nuclear energy and electric vehicles is transferring interest to commodities such as Uranium, Cobalt and Lithium. Illegal mining activity as well as mounting pressure to establish safer, more sustainable operations are significant challenges facing the sector.

Successfully overcoming these obstacles will involve embracing Industry 4.0, developing new business models and leveraging the potential of new technology.

Robotics, for example, can be used to improve safety by allowing workers to mine ‘from a distance’ by using intelligent, autonomous machines to test air and assess risk in underground areas, and for hazardous tasks such as drilling and blasting. VR can assist with training and disaster simulations while data and digital twins enable companies to monitor their activities in real time; gaining an accurate understanding of their impact and minimising environmental damage.

To improve sustainability mining companies are investing in shared value schemes with communities, focusing on collaboration and upliftment.

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