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Metals & Mining

Client Case Studies

- To nurture existing and potential leads for a client in the mining industry, Demographica built a customer education strategy that consisted of a year long content marketing plan. Over this period we established our client’s expertise in the marketplace, and through research discovered a 23% increase in brand recognition.

 - Our client in the mining industry wanted to market a niche product to a very targeted set of B2B business decision makers. Demographica’s account based marketing approach created a niche audience with a highly-targeted message that spoke to each individual directly. Of the 85 key targets, 57 of them became qualified leads.
Mining is intricately linked to Africa’s economic growth but is also left vulnerable to the continent’s political shifts, currency volatility, labour issues, and policy and regulatory changes. Our experience working with B2B mining enterprises has given us insight into buyer personas and the network of suppliers that can help you develop B2B sales and marketing solutions to drive revenue and strengthen customer relationships.
The future shows us a mine that is digitally driven, responsive, lean, and more environmentally sound. There are a lot of aspects and obstacles the B2B metals and mining industry needs to take into account to ensure their businesses are future-proof.

Successfully overcoming these obstacles will involve embracing industry 4.0, developing new business models, and leveraging the potential of new technology. Big data, robotics, and VR are just examples of tools these industries will soon begin to see change the way they do business. Intelligent technology is there to help you expand, and if used correctly, can develop a business that is ready for whatever the future might bring.