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Media & Entertainment

The Entertainment and Media (E&M) industry is experiencing a metamorphosis. Content platforms are merging, new channels and players constantly appearing and competition is fierce.

This competition is enhanced by a more discerning, demanding audience who display a shortening attention span. Fast-growing internet adoption has led to a sharp rise in audio and video streaming. The modern consumer is looking for highly personalised, on-demand content and is often engaging on more than one screen at the same time.

Mobile is the medium of choice and, apart from books, preferences continue to shift from the physical to the digital world. Radio is seeing disruption from podcasts and streaming services, while traditional TV is being challenges by OTT video companies such as Netflix.
The gaming sector is thriving with VR presenting new opportunities for a more immersive experience. Advertising on the other hand finds itself in a difficult space and has to push the boundaries to deliver more engaging, valuable and innovative content.

The connected home, powered by IoT and virtual assistants, is transforming the way people interact with media and entertainment and offers interesting opportunities.

Today’s broadcasters and publishers also find themselves in a surprising situation where they are not only up against traditional competitors but vloggers, bloggers and influencers who are gathering loyal followings in niche markets.

To stake a claim in the realm of E&M, businesses have to adapt and offer something exceptional. At Demographica we believe the magic ingredient is chemistry. While E&M may be going digital, live music events and cinema continue to flourish–highlighting the human need for real connections. Through deep consumer insights, combined with strategic thinking and cutting-edge creativity, we deliver sales and marketing work that touches a powerful, emotional chord–grabbing attention and setting you apart.