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Client Case Studies

- Demographica’s strategic creative design solutions developed a new brand identity for a client in the manufacturing industry, repositioning them in an industry that had become stale.

- Our manufacturing client was running low on leads and had wasted a lot of time on non-qualified leads. Demographica created a lead profiling, scoring, and nurturing solution to only deliver the right leads to this client. At the same time, our purchase journey mapping solution carved out a plan to speak to these leads at every position in the buying journey.
Africa is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution and it’s more important than ever to prepare your business for the future. Without forgetting the importance of human connections, we will help you future-proof your B2B business for whatever this revolution may hold and ensure that your business continues to grow.
Industry 4.0 has arrived and with it comes the new, intelligent factory: one that is data-driven, conscious, highly connected, and real-time responsive. Manufacturing leaders are transforming their processes with a focus on creating a digital-first organisation that can adapt to new technologies. This brings with it a mounting pressure on buyers to ensure their expensive investments are relevant, long-lasting and not just fly-by-night tech trends.

One aspect that is here to stay is IoT which uses sensors to provide real-time information that increases efficiency, enables predictive maintenance, and supports better business decisions. Improvement in 3D printing is set to transform prototyping and tooling and we are seeing more manufacturers using e-commerce platforms to shift from traditional B2B to a B2B2C model, giving companies more control while speeding up sales cycles and boosting profits.