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Client Case Studies

- To build a future ready logistics client, Demographica ran an in-depth marketing activities audit for our client which examined their current marketing operations and gave us insight into how to prepare their business to meet future challenges.

- To hit big growth targets, our client in the transport industry needed a vastly bigger pipeline. What Demographica did was twofold. Firstly, we employed our cross and upsell strategy to grow profits with existing customers. Secondly, we developed a customer acquisition strategy to generate new leads. In total, our client’s pipeline grew by over 250%.
Advances in technology in this space play an important role in the opportunities it affords B2B transport and logistics brands. Our experienced and strategic B2B thinking can help you capitalise on emerging trends, creating better customer experiences that grow your business.
In sectors where precision is paramount; fluctuating fuel prices, labour issues, and volatile climates can negatively affect operations, making the difference between profit and loss unpredictable. Technological advances in data sensors, analytics, and IoT have given rise to predictive maintenance opportunities, allowing B2B transport and logistics brands to identify risks and requirements in advance, reducing wastage and downtime. Anticipatory technology is also improving efficiency and delivery times by predicting what customers want, how much, and when. The advancement of real-time monitoring and digital mapping of assets has enhanced visibility while the era of hyper connectivity has created intelligent networks and provides B2B brands with on-demand information.

The world’s view of mobility of evolving, with the rise of the sharing economy shifting the transportation and travel landscape. Leveraging this trend can lead to beneficial forms of industry collaboration like warehouse or cargo sharing. Autonomous driving is also set to have a profound impact on the transport and logistics industry.