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Information Technology

Client Case Studies

- To get the sales team of a client in the IT industry excited about a new product they would be tasked with selling, Demographica employed our sales enablement solution that greatly improved the buy in from the internal team and ultimately saw an increase in customer satisfaction. This lead to a 63% jump in sales in just six months.

- To maintain and enhance our client in the technology industry position as a dynamic, market leading brand, Demographica developed a strategy that employed both traditional and digital channels to craft a powerful brand message and build brand equity in their respective market.

- For a client in the IT space, we developed a Virtual Reality solution that gave visitors to their stand at an industry expo the ability to engage directly with a product demonstration in real time and choose which next step they wished to take. Customer engagement for this client was at an all time high during the three day expo.
With so many buzzwords around the Information Technology (IT) space, it is sometimes easy to forget that technology is driven by humans. We understand that IT products can often be complicated and intimidating but our human science approach to B2B sales and marketing can help you create communication that is powerful and relevant, and that adds real value to your customer.
The IT department has become a significant driver of growth with the CIO experiencing increasing pressure to make the right technological investments while navigating disruption and driving a business’s ability to succeed in the future. These investment decisions are not simply considering the plethora of technology available and the rate at which it is evolving.

In Africa specifically, the mass adoption of mobile phones and the growth in fibre connectivity has led to technology becoming more accessible. The success of new technology, however, is dependent on how people behave, use, implement, and adapt it. Those who create this technology need to recognise that they are no longer just an IT business, but a business responsible for the rapid changes and affects we are experiencing in the tech world.