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Client Case Studies

- To accelerate the profits of a client in the healthcare industry, Demographica devised a tailor-made cross and upsell strategy. Our client experienced successful growth in their existing client base and a boost of revenue to the range of 134%.

- Demographica was challenged to position a client in the healthcare industry to mid-sized organisations, a target market they hadn’t yet pursued. In order to demonstrate our client’s relevance to their needs, we created a customer acquisition strategy that delivered a large number of qualified leads to the sales team. This project saw an overall annual increase in the company’s revenue of 190%.
The healthcare sector has an infamously slow B2B sales process, making the building of solid relationships even more important. Our expert B2B team can help you create positive customer experiences, driven by human insight.
The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a dramatic transformation and, while developed nations struggle with legacy issues, African countries are perfectly poised to take advantage of Industry 4.0. Already, we are seeing creative applications of technology such as the use of drones to deliver medicine to rural areas and mobile apps that allow physicians to offer advice or diagnosis remotely.

Advances in robotics, IoT, eHealth, and genomics are presenting ground-breaking opportunities to those brands brave enough to adapt. However, the road to an innovative future is not an easy one with rising costs, tight budgets, changing policies, and limited resources creating barriers to growth. The B2B healthcare landscape presents an additional set of challenges as buyers are risk-averse, products are complicated, purchase journeys are notoriously long, and decisions are often driven by committees.