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Government & Public Sector

Client Case Studies

- Demographica was tasked to generate more website visits for a client in the public sector. Our bespoke content marketing strategy saw an increase in inbound leads of 230%, plus an increase in overall conversions of 45%.

- Employee engagement was a key goal for a client in government. They partnered with Demographica to help them build an engaged workforce that was aligned with the company’s overarching goals. In a very short time, both employee and customer satisfaction improved.
Establishing solid relationships is crucial for B2B brands, especially those in the government and public sector. Our laser focus on human-to-human communication can help you form meaningful connections with the right business partners, achieving business goals across the board.
Characterised by regulatory compliance and high levels of scrutiny where trust and credibility are key, the government and public sector is a complex industry to navigate. It is also an industry experiencing significant transformation as a result of urbanisation and shifts in demographics. The fact that the majority of the global population lives in urban areas is putting serious stress on infrastructure and resources. Climate change isn’t helping the situation. Renewable energy initiatives and the decentralisation of energy and utilities are trends that are moving towards establishing solutions to these issues.

While developed countries are struggling with ageing populations, Africa’s large and growing young demographic brings with it its own challenges, but also unique opportunities. This young, purpose-driven, tech-savvy, independent working population is accompanied by a new set of values, behaviours and expectations that are redefining the public sector.