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Government & Public Sector

What does the city of the future look like? According to experts it is digitally-run, sustainable, intuitive, flexible and highly mobile with a focus on the well-being of its people. Realising this vision however, means the government and public sector need to overcome a number of challenges and be open to embracing innovative technology to help achieve goals.

The government and public sector is a complex industry characterised by regulatory compliance and high levels of scrutiny, where trust and credibility are key. It is also an industry experiencing significant transformation as a result of urbanisation, demographic shifts and other mega trends. Today, the majority of the global population reside in urban areas and the numbers are only growing. This puts serious stress on infrastructure and vital resources. Climate change is also affecting the availability of these resources and increasing the risk of natural disasters such as fires and drought. Renewable energy initiatives and the decentralisation of energy and utilities are trends that are moving towards establishing solutions to these issues.

While developed countries are struggling with ageing populations, Africa’s large and growing young demographic brings with it its own challenges, but also unique opportunities. This young, purpose-driven, tech-savvy, independent working population are accompanied by a new set of values, behaviours and expectations that are redefining the public sector.

Another key trend impacting governance is the emergence of disruptive technologies. From mobile, cloud computing and IoT to big data and artificial intelligence; digital opens up the door to exciting potential and provides interesting solutions to crime prevention, education, entrepreneurship, agriculture, administration and much more. Autonomous vehicles and the shared economy are also disrupting the transport sector and the concept of urban mobility.

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