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Food & Drink

Client Case Studies

- We partnered with a leading beverage brand to create a tailor-made customer acquisition program that gave our client the ability to communicate with a large volume of potential customers throughout the buying cycle.

- Through the use of our purchase journey mapping solution, Demographica created a roadmap that explained the complex B2B buying funnel for a food industry client. By identifying potential obstacles, our client was able to navigate their customer journey more effectively.
We understand the value placed on precision, tech-driven solutions and strict regulatory adherence, especially in an industry with such delicate operational aspects. Our expertise in marketing B2B food and beverage businesses allows us to deliver sales and marketing solutions that continuously drives business growth.
Interruptions in the complex supply chain, quality defects, and health and safety issues can have severe consequences on profit and reputation for food and beverage brands. This is just as crucial in the B2B space with the need to take advantage of new technology and evolving customer preferences key. Changing consumer trends means that the demand for greater transparency from food and beverage brands is growing. Consumers are increasingly ethically-driven and health-conscious and look to brands for information on sustainable sourcing and ingredients.

The drive towards sustainability means that practices to reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, improve logistics, and save water are becoming the norm. Ignoring the fact that adaptation is crucial for survival is no longer an option.