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Food & Drink

Food and beverage manufacturing and distribution is a delicate operation where the risks are high. Interruptions in the complex supply chain, quality defects, and health and safety issues can have severe consequences for profits and reputation. Thus, we understand the value placed on precision, tech-driven solutions and strict regulatory adherence.

While dining and fast food are feeling the effects of fuel hikes and VAT increases, the sector overall projects a positive outlook. To continue to thrive however, company leaders need to take advantage of new technology and changing consumer preferences.

Today’s ethical, health conscious customer is demanding greater transparency, sustainable sourcing and less artificial ingredients. There is a fascination with craft beers and tonics, and artisanal products as well as botanicals and natural tonics which are making an appearance in flavours and designs. Sweet beverages are being set aside in favour of sparkling water and RDT teas, while the recent sugar tax is causing businesses to rethink strategies.

Other consumer trends include the need to cater for a broadening variety of dietary requirements from veganism to gluten or dairy-free options, as well as a growing taste for global foods and exotic ingredients.

Food and beverage manufacturing utilises a large amount of energy. Scientific, sustainable practices are being implemented to reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, improve logistics and save water. There is mounting pressure on packaging to become plastic-free and environmentally friendly. From a technology standpoint, packaging also now provides a platform for interaction and engagement thanks to advancements in AR and mobile applications.

The food and beverage industry in South Africa is experiencing exciting growth. Through our vast industry experience as well as insights into changing consumer preferences and new technology, Demographica provides expert B2B sales and marketing solutions that can feed your business’s success and enable you to remain a key player in building the country’s economic strength.

Our Experience

Demographica was responsible for the build and creation of a website for a leading supplier and solutions provider to the foodservice, in-store bakery and retail marketplaces.