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Financial Services

Client Case Studies

- We helped a client in the financial services industry deliver personalised messaging at scale with our programmatic media buying solution, dlivering real-time data on leads and conversions.

- By targeting SMBs through digital channels using programmatic media buying to generate new leads for a client in the financial industry, Demographica reduced the cost of lead generation by 65% over a 12 month period. This lead to an increased revenue of 33%.

- Demographica was selected as the agency of record to rebrand a well-known insurance provider. In addition to the successful rebrand, the same company has partnered with us on multiple strategic acquisition campaigns over the past four years.

- We achieved 22% incremental revenue for a business bank targeting legal professionals on the back of a successful acquisition campaign. The campaign gathered over 1500 opportunities and saw a 51% conversion rate.
The hangover from the 2008 crisis persists, with trust in financial institutions remaining low. As human behaviour specialists, we are well-positioned to design a customer-centric B2B sales and marketing strategy for you that will build your business into a future-forward financial leader.
How people spend, save, invest, and think about their money is changing and the demand for financial services that align with an always-on, convenient, customised, and mobile-first world is growing rapidly. Now more than ever, B2B financial services brands need to adapt to the changing views society has on money before they lose the race against disruptive newcomers and FinTech startups.

While regulation and legacy issues can be a barrier to innovation, financial services should take advantage of the infinite opportunities the digital revolution provides. Big data, AI, automation, mobile payments, the blockchain, and virtual currencies can all help businesses proactively anticipate customer needs. Financial services businesses that will enjoy future success will be those that put the customer first, educate, and value while providing seamless digital experiences and intuitive money management tools.