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Financial Services

Following the sharp move to a consumer-centric approach, the financial sector has developed a strong fascination with human behaviour.

How people spend, save, invest and think about their money is changing, especially for younger generations. Born into a cashless society, Millennials and GenZ have higher expectations for financial services that align with their always-on, convenient, customised and mobile world. They are also less loyal to traditional financial institutions and open to engaging with disruptive newcomers and fintech start-ups.

While regulation and legacy issues can be a barrier to innovation, financial services are realising the need to adapt and take advantage of the infinite opportunities the digital revolution provides. Big data for example, can help companies proactively anticipate consumer needs and build a single view of their clients, while AI and automation improve efficiency and engagement. Virtual currencies and blockchain, as well as advancements in mobile payment technology are also opening up fascinating avenues.

Human beings are living longer and adopting a different work lifecycle, which is changing investment habits and retirement attitudes. With regards to investing, the active versus passive debate still continues in asset management circles with questions around diversification. The hangover from the 2008 crisis persists with trust in financial institutions remaining low, and a global push towards conscious banking and ESG investing gaining momentum.

In lights of these trends, the role of financial companies and intermediaries is evolving. Businesses that will enjoy future success will be those that put the customer first, educate, add value, provide seamless digital experiences and intuitive money management tools.

As human behaviour specialist, Demographica is well positioned to support you in your customer-first journey. Our anthropology-driven research can provide powerful insights that lead to meaningful connections with prospects and existing clients. With comprehensive knowledge of your complex industry and the latest digital assets, we can design a B2B sales and marketing strategy that will build your business into a future-forward financial leader.

Our Experience

Demographica selected as specialist B2B agency of record for a leading financial services provider’s B2B requirements. We have worked with this same organisation for over 4 years on multiple acquisition and thought leadership campaigns to increase sales pipelines with marketing and sales qualified leads.

Demographica has assisted a leading insurance client to gather the largest crowds at leading industry conferences during 2018 through creative and effective activations.

A Corporate & Investment Banking giant used Demographica to run a deep-dive anthropologically based research project to gain a deeper understanding of their 5 biggest broker houses.

Demographica was selected as the agency to rebrand a leading B2B insurer. In addition to the successful rebrand, this same company has partnered with Demographica on multiple strategic acquisition campaigns for over 4 years.

Demographica achieved 22% incremental revenue for a Business Bank targeting legal professionals on the back of a successful acquisition campaign. The campaign gathered over 1500 opportunities and saw a 51% conversion rate.

Using human truths and insight driven creative, Demographica has been tasked with writing and executing a campaign targeting mid level management in enterprise sized business's in SA for a leading African Corporate and Investment bank.