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Entertainment & Media

Client Case Studies

- A multi-channel brand campaign for a client in the media industry helped to grow their overall revenue by 62% in the first three months.

- Demographica developed a custom target market map for a client in the entertainment industry to help them define the various market segments they were playing in. By doing this, we developed custom marketing strategies for each segment which increased the overall customer experience for our client.
While technology continues to evolve and communication becomes more digitised, we believe that the human desire for true, authentic connections will never die. Our anthropologically driven research provides unique insights into human behaviour, creating communication solutions that evoke emotion and drive action.
Competition is rife in the entertainment & media (E&M) industry as different platforms and channels emerge with new players and brands appearing daily. The competitive nature of this industry is enhanced by a more discerning, demanding audience who struggles with a short attention span.

The modern consumer is looking for highly personalised, on-demand content and is often engaging on more than on-screen at a time, with mobile being their preferred medium of choice. Traditional channels are being disrupted and B2B brands need to stay ahead in order to deliver more engaging, valuable, and innovative content to the increasingly fickle business buyer.