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We understand that the engineering industry is a small, ambitious and competitive one with disruptive technology and new client priorities changing the way businesses run.

Growth of the green economy is creating a demand for renewable energy, waste reduction and efficiency solutions, and shifting focus to sustainable projects or operations with a reduced carbon footprint. More enterprises are also adopting the Lean Six Sigma methodology designed to minimise waste and optimise performance.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is now more accessible and adding immense value to production processes, while VR, AR and the introduction of the digital twin concept are transforming testing, design, modelling and development.

The Internet of Things (IoT) mega trend together with automation, robotics, big data and AI are all contributing to a revolutionary, digitally-driven way of operating that is streamlined, connected and accurate.

The engineering industry is one of problem-solvers and just like these experts, at Demographica we enjoy getting our minds dirty. Through creative thinking and anthropology-focused strategies, we help you find effective answers to your unique B2B sales and marketing questions; and in the process add real value to both your consumers and your business.