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Client Case Studies

- By conducting an in-depth competitor analysis, our client in the engineering industry was able to proactively differentiate their offering, which lead to a 45% increase in lead acquisitions over a six month period.

- To create accurate profiles of the ideal business buyer for an engineering client, we created audience personas which allowed us to develop relevant communication strategies in order to influence decisions to drive conversions. The results were a 56% increase in sales in just four months.
Engineers are problem-solvers, and so are we. We help engineering firms to navigate their way through the complex B2B landscape, helping them grow their business and understand the changes in their industry
We understand that the engineering industry is competitive and ambitious and that disruptive technologies and changing client priorities are evolving the way businesses are run.

The demand for green technology and the rise of digitally enhanced production processes like 3D printing, VR, and AR are adding additional elements to the mix. Along with that, the Internet of Things (IoT) megatrend together with automation, robotics, big data, and AI are all contributing to a revolutionary way of operating that is more connected.