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Energy & Utilities

Client Case Studies

- Our client in the renewable energy industry works with a complex product range that is often difficult to explain. Through the use of VR technology, Demographica created a set of videos that immerses our client’s customers into a virtual product demonstration. Positive feedback from this project has proven the application of virtual / video tools to explain complex solutions.

- An energy & utilities client struggling with aligning their sales and marketing teams employed Demographica to help them create an alignment strategy that would benefit both departments. Our customer centric approach meant both departments are now aligned when it comes to achieving common goals and our client has seen a massive increase in customer satisfaction.
In an industry undergoing an immense transformation, our B2B experience working with energy and utilities enterprises will help you capitalise on trends and challenges your industry is facing while remaining prepared for future growth, by aligning your B2B marketing with your customer’s needs and desires.
Africa has little energy supply but its multitude of natural energy resources like wind, hydro, gas, and solar perfectly position it (and industry brands) to take advantage of the changing energy landscape. New technology, decentralisation, and a focus on renewable energy have the potential to change the situation and address the needs of citizens while growing business opportunities. It’s not only civilians who have started generating their own electricity, but businesses are also improving their energy-efficient practices to reduce grid consumption.

The energy and utilities industry as a whole is facing challenges like poor infrastructure and climate change but innovation in renewable energies and new fuel alternatives such as biomass are presenting innovative solutions. Much like most evolving industries, it’s those companies that stay ahead of the pack and prepare themselves for the future that will survive.