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Construction & Trade

Both construction and trade are volatile and interdependent industries - affected by everything from economic or political factors to changing weather patterns.

Construction and trade play a vital role in our continent’s infrastructure development and economic growth. However, these sectors are currently experiencing complex challenges and need to adapt to shifting landscapes.

The construction industry has to overcome a number of obstacles including project delivery inefficiencies, skilled labour shortages, the rising cost of materials, climate change and regulations. By looking towards new trends and technology, businesses can find smart solutions to these hurdles. Advancements in drone usage, 3D printing, VR, AR and mobile, for example, are enabling remote site viewing, cheaper materials and improving productivity. Affordable housing solutions such as shipping containers, precast concrete and modular construction are also offering up cost-effective building options.

Sustainability is a key trend in both the construction and trade industry with increasing pressure placed on reducing a business’s environmental footprint. Embracing improved working conditions, transparency and energy or water-saving initiatives can set you apart as a leader in today’s greener, conscious economy.

While trade in Africa is being impacted by relationships between China and the US, this opens up channels for intra-continent trading and diversification.

Through in-depth knowledge of Africa’s unique trade and construction challenges, Demographica can help you remain flexible and in touch with your customer’s changing needs. Through a solid B2B strategy we enable you to build meaningful client relationships while uncovering cost-effective business solutions and new opportunities for growth.

Our Experience

Demographica was selected as the agency of record by an international brand that provides high performance materials found in consumer and industrial markets. Our task was to write a 5 year go to market strategy for multiple brands in their stable. Demographica will also implement and run the full strategy.