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The future picture of mobility is set to look very different from the one of today with the role of vehicles shifting dramatically in the eyes of the modern consumer. Tough economic conditions have caused a decrease in demand and globally, there is a shift away from the car as a coveted, status symbol towards more cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

Automotive businesses are competing for share of a smaller market and much of the pressure is being directed towards B2C and B2B marketers alike.

Technology is also playing a massive role in transforming the way people experience mobility. The car of tomorrow will be diverless, autonomous, connected and most likely shared. Electrification is growing as an eco-friendly alternative and 3D printing is set to impact OEMs. Consumers are embracing the shared economy with companies such as Uber already disrupting our ideas of vehicle ownership–and this phenomenon is only set to accelerate. Advancements in IoT, machine learning and AI are turning the car into a moving computer and data collector which, if leveraged cleverly and responsibility, could present automotive companies with valuable opportunities.

Car manufacturers in the future are going to have to change their business models with a stronger focus on digital assets, value-added services and dealership experiences.

In this fast-changing world, it can be difficult to know which trends to follow and what technology to invest in. Demographica can help guide you along this challenging but exciting road, providing you with the industry insight and B2B expertise you need to reach a successful business destination.

Our Experience

Demographica was selected as the agency of record for an international long-haul trucking brand to launch its new range of trucks to the logistics industry in South Africa.