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Client Case Studies

- Our automated lead scoring and nurturing system gave our client in the automotive industry the ability to pinpoint relevant leads and decipher where they were in the buying cycle. This data allowed us to send the right message to the right lead, resulting in an overall increase in brand awareness of 87%.

- Our goal for a client in the automotive industry was to raise market awareness on the launch of a new product, with the ultimate aim to grow the sales pipeline. We created an interactive website that adopted the use of video to more clearly define the product. The generate pipeline amounted to more than 850 times the investment in the campaign.
In an ever-changing market, it is our priority is to make sure your company runs like a well-oiled machine. Collaborating with us is not only an efficient and cost-effective choice for your business. It is also a way to tap into new markets and to develop and maintain strategic relationships, which facilitate growth and long-term success.
Technology has had an undeniable impact on every major industry. While some advancement might cause concern for automotive brands, there are others that, if leveraged properly, could present valuable opportunities, especially in the B2B space. We exist to guide B2B brands through the transition from traditional to technological, by offering bespoke research for manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers; including how to improve overall customer satisfaction, increase sales, and foster lasting professional partnerships with organised and productive communication channels.