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Client Case Studies

- A client in the agriculture industry partnered with Demographica to uncover new growth opportunities with specific target audiences. By using our target market and purchase journey mapping solutions, we managed to hone our client’s position in the industry and delivered highly-tailored content to various target markets who were at various stages of the buying journey.

An agricultural client approached Demographica to help them redefine outdated perceptions of what their industry was all about. Through the use of well-known tech influencers and social media channels, we reinvigorated our client’s brand and helped increase their conversion rate by 143%.
Agricultural businesses are turning to social media and online resources for information that aid buying decisions. Our B2B expertise can help you build a credible online presence and put you at the forefront of important industry conversations.
Changing technology and customer demands are forcing agribusiness to become more agile and innovative as a means to adapt to the new landscape. Agriculture in Africa has a particular impact on our continent’s ability to thrive with urbanisation, a growing youth population, farm security, and land reform policies remaining major concerns for the industry as a whole.

The rise of the conscious consumer and the undeniable fact that climate change is upon us is putting pressure on retailers to be more transparent while a change in consumer diets is leading to product diversification as people aim to support local and build closer relationships with suppliers. Pressures on agricultural businesses are growing and many have started to adopt the use of technology tools like big data, autonomous machinery, robotics, and drones to achieve these challenging goals.