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In a world of uncertainty, agribusiness is in a constant battle against the elements, and having to become ever more agile and innovative to adapt to changing technology and consumer demands.

Agriculture in Africa has a substantial impact of the continent’s ability to thrive. With urbanisation and a growing young population, this still-developing industry has to create its own business models to deal with unique problems. Farm security and land reform policies remain concerns, while climate change affects yields and the availability of resources.

The rise of the conscious consumer is putting pressure on retailers to be more transparent, resulting in collaborations with local SMEs and a closer relationship with suppliers. A change in consumer diets is also leading to produce diversification. The pressure for sustainable and ethical practices is immense, with businesses finding innovative ways to reduce energy and water usage, improve labour and livestock conditions and uplift surrounding communities.

To achieve these challenging goals, many leading agribusinesses are taking advantage of Industry 4.0. Drones, big data, autonomous machinery and robotics are just some of the digital tools that companies are using to boost efficiency, gain valuable insights into farming methods and streamline supply chains.

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