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Video Production

One of the most current and prevalent conversation in B2B marketing circles concerns the rapid rise of video as a communication medium.

Video adoption is increasing across audiences, including executives, due to shorter attention spans as well as film’s rich, visual characteristics and ability to stimulate multiple senses.

At Demographica we are strong advocates for storytelling as a powerful B2B marketing approach, and video is possibly one of the best vehicles for sharing your brand’s story.

Video is no longer just an entertainment platform but rather an effective education tool.
It is becoming increasingly affordable to create high quality video and more accessible to audiences with more corporate-focused platforms, including LinkedIn, realising the potential of video. New, exciting technology such as 360-degree videos and VR, as well as social media and mobile-first video platforms, are also revolutionising the way audiences consume film.

Through video, a business can add real value to the lives of consumers, drive conversations and build strong relationships with online audiences. Video content is proven to increase traffic and extend the time customers spend interacting with your brand. Other benefits include video’s ability to provide detailed engagement tracking, generate leads and insights, improve recall and bring your brand personality to life.