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We have pioneered and developed the art and science of using anthropology in a B2B marketing context, and are, to our knowledge, the only agency of its kind doing so.

We have rigorous and sophisticated, anthropology-driven research methods that uncover the truth about your customer’s buying behaviour [and mindset and human triggers]. For B2B businesses, in particular, effective marketing research is an invaluable tool to help you gain intimate knowledge of your buyers and the context in which they make their buying decisions.


Anthropology is the central part of our research methodology. Our unique approach and expertise in using anthropology to inform B2B sales and marketing strategies continuously put the customer at the centre of the experience. By using culture and context as the main informant, we are able to clearly understand the focus driving business buying decisions as we know that decisions are driven by numerous, often unknown forces.

Audience Personas

B2B buyers are a complex breed, influenced by their personal values as well as the business context they find themselves in. This is a crucial dynamic to understand in order to unlock communications that resonate with your audience and influence decisions to drive conversions. Our anthropological-based research will craft accurate and insightful profiles of your ideal business buyers and speak to them in a way they understand.

Competitor Analysis

In order to understand your competitors, it is important to understand them in relation to your own business. A detailed competitor study will pinpoint your place in the market, learn which competitors pose the biggest threat, find out how fast they are growing and see where they are excelling or struggling. This helps put each competitor of yours into perspective and where relevant, allows you to intuitively reverse engineer your sales and marketing strategies.

Market Sizing

Establishing the potential value of a new service or product leads to a realistic view of a future market opportunity. B2B market sizing is an exact science and can play a significant role in many business decisions. Our knowledge of the B2B landscape will deliver an accurate market sizing report for your business that delivers expert analysis into your business’s unique market, and potential.

Target Market Mapping

Refining the definition of your target market allows you to understand variable opportunities and utilise custom marketing strategies to improve the experience of your customer, at every touchpoint. We understand that your target market is not a homogenous group of people and work to divide them into discrete groups depending on each individual’s purchasing behaviour and their similar requirements for a service or product.