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Research & Insights

According to a study done by Hinge Research Institute, firms that conduct regular research grow almost twelve times faster and are almost twice as profitable as firms that do no research. For B2B businesses in particular, effective marketing research is an invaluable tool to help you gain an intimate knowledge of your buyers, understand technical product applications and keep abreast of trends in your ever-changing industry.

Demographica uses anthropology as the central part of our research methodology. Our anthropologists have the expertise to conduct complex conversations with industry professionals, and are trained to think in new ways and make game-changing observations. We read between the lines and think about what is said and not said. We take culture and context into account and understand that our subjects are driven by forces unknown even to themselves.

We follow an immersive process that involves ethnographic studies. What makes this style so unique is that our team approach the research without preconceptions. The collected data is raw, personal and first-hand as opposed to the often synthetic version of reality generated by many other, more conventional research methods.

We believe that by using anthropology, we can help you uncover the truth: genuine insights into your customer’s behaviour and a more accurate, enlightening picture of your business environment.