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Purchase Journey Mapping

For B2B business, the road to making a sale is long and winding. While B2C customers are impulsive and quick to purchase, the B2B buyer takes time to consider and research the available options. The decision-making process is complicated and lengthy, often involving a number of stakeholders. Relationship building is key with leads requiring substantial nurturing. Once the sale is made, it’s also often not the end for a B2B business as the buyer is constantly re-evaluating the relationship.

As B2B specialists, Demographica has the tools and expertise to help you accurately map your customer’s complex journey from initial awareness to the sale and beyond. Understanding exactly how your customer moves through the funnel enables you to engage with them meaningfully at every touch point, and identify potential obstacles and opportunities. Ultimately, a well-crafted purchase journey map can improve customer loyalty and lead to a smoother, faster and more successful sales process.