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We have developed best in class frameworks to analyse and benchmark your B2B marketing strategies, activities, and initiatives against a post-modern B2B marketing landscape that will help you prepare your business for future challenges. This is vital to help you focus your B2B marketing investments, allocate resources, and maximise capabilities. Our process allows us to create an unstoppable B2B marketing engine that constantly drives revenue by delivering personalised customer experiences at scale.

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Imagine your sales and marketing organisations working together meaningfully on the B2B customer purchase journey. The two can no longer afford to function in silos as the need for alignment and joint ROI accountability increases. Successful alignment of sales and marketing organisations delivers a customer-centric approach that aims for quality of leads over quantity and continuously leverages off each other’s skill sets to deliver a seamless experience to the B2B buyer. True alignment opens the door for a powerful and predictable end-to-end B2B marketing and sales process as well as empowered teams.

Customer Education

B2B buyers are under increasing pressure to justify their decisions. By regularly empowering them with relevant information, you begin to establish your company’s relevance and expertise. This is important during all phases of the B2B buyer’s journey. We will help you to identify gaps in knowledge, and the key needs and challenges of your buyer to create bespoke educational content that is relevant and delivered at the right time. A well-executed education strategy will nurture quality leads and position you as a genuine, trusted partner, aiding the buying decision.

Employee Engagement

Human-to-human communication should not be reserved just for your customer as the importance of a positively engaged workforce is undeniable. We will help you to build your workforce into loyal brand ambassadors who together all work towards the same goal, satisfying your client and growing revenue. By fostering meaningful human connections with your people you create a formidable team of inspired employees who are clearly aligned with your company’s goals.

Marketing Activities Audit

By examining your current marketing operations, we can advise on how prepared your business is to meet future challenges and help you analyse and benchmark your B2B marketing strategy and execution against a post-modern B2B marketing framework. Basically, this is an audit on your current marketing strategy, plan, activities, and team structure against a Post Modern Marketing framework so that you can see where you are, where you need to be and the plan on how to get there.

Marketing Department Restructure

Businesses willing to adapt to change will outlive those that aren’t. While we recognise that the idea of a department overhaul can be daunting, we will support you throughout the restructure and deliver an organisational redesign that focuses on growth and is set up to improve business-wide performance. → against a post-modern marketing framework.

Sales Enablement

The right sales enablement programs and tools will equip your sales force with the resources they need to better engage with your customers. By clearly understanding your customer’s needs and challenges, your sales force can deliver stronger customer experiences which ultimately lead to stronger relationships and revenue growth.