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Lead Profiling, Scoring, Nurturing

So much of a B2B marketer’s time is invested in lead generation. When time is money, you want to ensure that your team are spending their energy on pursuing the right leads in the right way. An intelligent lead profiling and lead scoring system can help you achieve this. We utilise customisable automation tools to help you pinpoint your most valuable leads, identify their areas of interest and current position in the buying cycle. Using this data, you can determine whether to direct a lead to sales or whether they require further nurturing.

Often B2B buyers spend a long period in the consideration phase. Introducing a strategic nurturing programme is vital for ensuring these warm leads remain interested and continue to engage meaningfully with your business until they are ready to convert. Frequently sharing highly relevant content with your prospects not only helps to keep you top of mind, but can establish you as a credible thought leader in your industry.