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Account-based marketing

March 8, 2019
Words by Warren Moss
'South African B2B companies are obsessed with moving from ‘product’- to ‘solutions’-selling because they believe that B2B buyers are looking for solutions, instead of products. While this is absolutely true, the B2B companies totally overestimate their influence in the purchase journey.

"Account-based marketing (ABM) can be best defined as a structured and strategic approach to treating individual accounts as a market in their own right... B2B companies gain real competitive advantage from ABM when it is leveraged as a shared initiative between sales and marketing. In a post-modern world, team structures should be built around ABM capabilities, effectively breaking down siloed ways of working." Great article by Maxine Ohayon, B2B Business Engagement Lead at Demographica / via Bizcommunity.com. Click here to read the full article.

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